About Team Keller Homes

Prescott's Top Producing Real Estate Team

Team Keller Homes in Prescott, Arizona, stands as a top real estate team in an area known for its steady and growing market. The Prescott real estate landscape is marked by a consistent performance, with home prices seeing a year-over-year increase of 2.8% as of November 2023. This growth is reflective of Prescott's appeal, with its median sale price being significantly higher than the national average.

Prescott's real estate market benefits from its attractive location, offering a blend of natural beauty and a mild climate, drawing in buyers from larger cities like Phoenix. The area's popularity among Phoenix homebuyers, coupled with a shortage of homes on the market, indicates a continued demand for housing.

Team Keller Homes, leveraging this market scenario, can be presented as experts in navigating the Prescott real estate landscape. Their approach could emphasize their deep understanding of the local market, from pricing strategies to buyer interests, particularly catering to Phoenix residents seeking luxury second homes. They can also highlight their proficiency in handling the unique trends and demands of the Prescott market, assisting buyers in making timely decisions in a market where days on market are historically low and prices are on the rise.

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